Ashen Equestrian Centre - Unique by Design

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Otley College demo pair - Julie and Shady

Easton College pair - Sara and Amber
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Built and run for the discerning, forward thinking horse-owner who wants to make lasting improvements to their riding and truly values the relationship with their horse(s)

We consistently work towards our clients goals without using

Gadgets... Force... or Punishment...

Becky Chapman (sole riding coach & owner of Ashen E.C),

"Since our opening in 2005 I have had a clear idea of the sort of welcoming, non discipline specific yard I want Ashen E.C. to be. I knew I never wanted my clients to experience the feelings of being an outsider which I so often witnessed and experienced as a rider and as a coach. I am absolutely confident that clients visiting Ashen E.C. will feel and be supported in their learning. What you book is what we deliver. What you expect and want is what you will achieve or exceed."

Hairy native, pure or part-bred, ex-racehorse or competition horse

Nervous / novice, or elite rider

Your horse and you will be welcomed - your values and beliefs respected

A visit to Ashen E.C. provides a total immersion learning experience.

All of Becky's courses are designed to optimise your learning and Ashen E.C. is a haven for you and your horse to get away from it all and to feel and be supported.

Small and with no permanent liveries Ashen E.C. is given over to our course participants and course places are strictly limited to ensure quality of delivery.

You may choose to stay on-site in your horsebox or in our new bunk house or enjoy one of the lovely hotels or B&B's local to Ashen E.C.

Ashen E.C was designed and built by Chris Chapman of Ashen Oak and all horses, whether used to being stabled or managed "naturally" settle easily and quickly.

The "stables" are double size, the back section rubber matted, with automatic drinkers, hay bars and dust-free bedding, the front section under cover with post and rail fencing so that your horse can choose to socialise with its neighbours. Ashen E.C. also has individual paddocks if you would like your horse turned-out during your course.

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Please visit our "Feedback & Photos" page to hear and see some of the dramatic improvements made by visitors to Ashen E.C.

We offer a wide range of training options so that each of our visitors can select those which suit them best. Please contact us if you would like assistance in selecting the best options for you or to book and informal visit to Ashen E.C. Our "Which Option?" page also provides a flow chart for guidance.

Ashen E.C. is also the home of "Strider Brown" the computerised Riding Simulator.

For information and to make improvements to your balance, rein contact and asymmetries click here.

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Your questions and feedback are always welcome.

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